The Wave Method – Volume 1

You are unique and The Wave Method provides you with the tools to optimize your performance. Your brain and life experiences have shaped who you are and how your brain makes neurological connections. It is time to take control of your mind. Discover the focus you’ve been searching for, find deep relaxation and the restful night sleep you thought was only a dream.  Discover the perfect tracks to train your brain!

Listen toThe Wave Method  binaural tracks on a regular basis to effect positive change and create long lasting results. Please refer to our listening guide for detailed listen tips. –Train your brain and free your mind! 

Track: 01 – Serotonin Release – ( Alpha 10hz)

Length: 30 minutes     Volume: 1

Alpha brainwaves in the 10hz range are known to increase the release of serotonin in the pineal gland of the brain. This can help reduce mental fatigue, elevate mood, put your mind in a relaxed state, and can temporarily help with the negative effects of sleep loss.

  Track 02 – Endorphin Mind Massage – (Theta 7.83hz Schumann’s Earth Resonance)

Length: 30 minutes     Volume: 1

Theta brainwaves in the 7.83hz range have been shown to increase the release of endorphin’s from the pituitary gland in our brains.  Endorphin’s are known to block pain and create feeling’s of well-being.  Use this track for: relaxation, meditation, stress relief, a creativity booster, reduce metal fatigue, to help create elevated mood, promotes an over all feeling of well-being and and to temporarily help in possibly reducing the negative effects of sleep loss.   A great alternative track to put your mind in a peaceful relaxed state.


  Track 03 – HGH Whole Body Rejuvenation – (Delta 4hz)

Length: 30 minutes     Volume: 1

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is produced naturally by the pituitary gland in our brains.  Delta frequencies in the 4hz range have been proven to increase HGH output helping to promote a deep restful sleep, peaceful feelings, tranquility, a deep feeling of well being, and are known to assist in providing headache and stress relief.


  Track 04 – Super Learning IQ Booster – (Theta 7.5hz – Alpha 10hz)

Length: 30 minutes     Volume: 1

This track focuses on: memory enhancement, creativity, focus, skill retention and problem solving. It is a great track to listen to while reading, studying because it can drastically reduce the time spent on the activities. It is great for brainstorming new ideas that require deep concentration and thought.


  Track 05 – Intuition Boost – (Delta 5.4hz – 6.6hz)

Length: 30 minutes     Volume: 1

Listen to Intuition Boost to enhance intuition, creativity, imagination and inner reflection.

  Track 06 – Tibetan Monk Mind State – (Beta 12hz down to sustained Delta 4.5hz)

Length: 30 minutes     Volume: 1

Tibetan Monk Mind State is designed to promote a profound state of deep relaxation and inner peace.

  Track 07 – Inner Bliss – (Alpha 3hz down to Delta .7hz)

Length: 30 minutes     Volume: 1

Inner Bliss is designed to create a state of ultra deep peaceful relaxation and a powerful sense of well being.

  Track 08 – Sleep Recovery – (Alpha 10hz down to Delta 4.9hz)

Length: 30 minutes     Volume: 1

This track promotes quick sleep recovery.  Feel relaxed and a little more refreshed after listening.    Listen to this track for a midday break or nap when feeling tired from lost sleep and you might even catch a few zzz’s.    Also try it just prior to your planned sleep time.


  Track 09 – Sleep Induction – (Alpha 10hz down to Delta 1hz)

Length: 30 minutes     Volume: 1

Use this track prior to taking a long nap or when going to sleep at night.   It will help relax and slow your brain wave states down to levels known for a deep restful sleep.

  Track 10 – Quick Sleep Induction – (Alpha 10hz down to Delta 1hz)

Length: 12 minutes     Volume: 1

Utilizes the same frequencies and layout as the “Sleep Induction” track but the ramping down period is quicker. Try the long and short versions and see which works best for you.  Start with the standard “Sleep Induction” and transition into the “Quick Sleep Induction” version once you get used to the frequencies and feel it’s benefits.

  Track 11 – Migraine Headache Relief – (Delta 2.5hz)

Length: 30 minutes     Volume: 1

Delta frequencies have been proven to; relieve or greatly minimize migraine pain, help relieve anxiety, promote restful sleep, and promote feelings of well-being.

  Track 12 – Accelerated Health – (Alpha 10hz down to Delta .5hz)

Length: 30 minutes     Volume: 1

These frequencies promote; enhanced cellular regeneration,  pain relief, positive feelings, well-being, relaxation and tranquility.