Tips to Optimize Your Results


  1. Always use stereo headphones or earbuds The techniques and frequencies used on our audio tracks require stereo headphones or earbuds in order to achieve the optimal listening experience.  Over-the-ear headphones to be the most comfortable and relaxing to wear, but the earbuds are still effective.    Here is a link to all of’s Best Selling headphones and earbuds.   Read the Amazon user reviews and check the ratings before buying a pair at a local store or another online store.
  2. Minimize external interruptions A quiet room or place where you can be undisturbed, safe and comfortable during your listening period is best. Noise canceling headphones are helpful if your environment has disturbing noises you can’t get away from.  Inform others around you that you will be relaxing for a said period of time and to not disturb you until you are finished. You will feel better after and that translates into positive interactions with others too. Don’t forget to turn off your cell phone ringer!
  3. Breath deeply, relax, free your thoughts, and let go While listening make it your purpose to relax and let go. Tell yourself to let go of your current thoughts and worries during this time, tell yourself you can pick up where you left off after your session is over and be more effective. This is your time to recharge, relax and better yourself. Start each session by taking a slow deep lung filling breath and slowly exhaling until all the air is expressed, do this 3 times, then continue to relax and breath naturally for the remainder of your session.
  4. Make listening your main focus – Exceptions certain tracks are designed for stimulation and focus, they are effective for reading, writing, designing, creating, and some can be used by some people while exercising as long as they are in a safe environment and if the audio track will not effect their focus on the task at hand. Use caution when listening to any audio programs with headphones or earbuds as they can block you from hearing externals sounds that keep you safe. Like any audio program exercise extreme caution while operating any machinery, including driving.
  5. Make it a Habit  Consistency leads to faster, effective and longer lasting results! Designate a time each day or week to train your brain and free your mind!